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How to crochet a bunny keychain

Hi, nowadays I see many cute crochet keychains trending and I must say this bunny keychain is one I would like to try. Would you? It is a two tone bunny which makes it extra cute but what’s great is it is a quick and a beginner friendly pattern. You can crochet it in one color if you are not comfortable with changing colors yet. There is a free tutorial to guide you on the pattern below.

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Well, get your hooks, yarn and let’s start crocheting!

Pattern and materials:
Yarn: Light brown (LB)
Dark brown (DB)
2 -3mm crochet hook

R1 6 sc in MR (6)
R2 3 inc, DB: 3inc (12)
R3 LB: (1sc, 1inc) *3 DB : (1sc, 1inc) *3 (18)
R4 LB: (2sc, 1inc) *3 DB : (2sc, 1inc) *3 (24)
R5 LB: 13sc, DB: 10sc, LB: 1sc (24)
R6 LB: (3sc, 1inc) *3, 2sc DB: 1sc, 1inc, (3sc, 1inc),2sc LB: 1sc, 1inc (30)
R7 LB: 18sc, DB: 8sc, LB: 4sc (30)
R8 LB: (4sc, 1inc) *4, 4sc, DB: 1inc, 4sc, 1inc, LB: 4sc, 1inc (36)
R9 LB: 9sc (1sc, 1inc) *7, DB: (1sc, 1inc) *2, 2sc, LB: 7sc (45)
R10 LB: 13sc, DB: 6sc, LB: 8sc (45)
R12 LB: 32 sc, DB: 4sc, LB: 9sc (45)
R13 LB: 33sc, DB: 2sc, LB: 10sc (45)
– Attach 7.5 mm safety eyes

How to crochet a bunny keychain #popularcrochet #crochet #crochetbunnykeychain #hairclip #freecrochetpattern

R14 LB: 9sc, (1sc, 1dec) *9, 9sc (36)
R15 LB: 36 sc (36)
R16 LB: (2sc, 1dec, 2sc) *6 (30)
R17 LB: (3sc, 1dec) *6 (24)
R18 LB: (1sc, 1dec, 1sc) *6 (18)
R19 LB: (1sc, 1dec) *6 (12)
R20 LB: 6 dec (6)
– Fasten off

Ears: make 2 in dark brown yarn
R1 6sc in MR (6)
R2 6 inc (12)
R3 12 sc (12)
R4 (3sc, 1inc) *3 (15)
R5 15 sc (15)
R6 15 sc (15)
R7 (3sc, 1dec) *3 (12)
R8 12 sc (12)
– Fasten off
– Attach ears to head
– sew nose and add some blush on cheeks

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