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Crochet a Mushroom amigurumi

Hello again, this is another super cute mushroom amigurumi you can crochet in a short time. Perfect for beginners, you can crochet them as gifts, keychains, desktop companion and the list goes on. Crochet them in your favorite yarn and colors. They are so adorable and the best part is it is a very quick project to complete!

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I would suggest blanket yarn if you are familiar with them, although they can be a bit challenging if you are a beginner. You will also need some safety eyes too for these cute mushroom. Other than that, maybe some keychain DIY if you want to turn them to keychains!

Well, get your hooks, yarn and let’s start crocheting!

Leg (make 2)

R1 4sc in MR (4)
R2 (1sc, 1inc) *2 (6)
Fasten off and cut yarn
R1 6sc in second leg and join in first leg another 6 sc (12)
R2 (1sc, 1inc) *6 (18)
R3 – R5 18 sc (18)
R6 (1sc, 1dec) *6  -fix safety eyes (12)
R7 BLO (1sc, 1inc) *6 (18)
R8 (2sc, 1inc) *6 (24)
R9 (3sc, 1inc) *6 (30)
 – Stuff body
 – Change to orange yarn or any contrasting color
R10 30 sc (30)
R11 30 sc (30)
R12 (3sc, 1dec) *6 (24)
R13 24 sc (24)
R14 (2sc, 1dec) *6 (18)
R15 (1sc, 1dec) *6 (12)
R16 6 dec (6)
 – Close hole and fasten off

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